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I suffer from ankylosing spondyloarthiritis I had my 3rd child in July 21. Altogether my maternity leave was for nearly 2 years due to illness, company covid rules, maternity leave and holiday. I returned to work in July 22 and asked for an occupational health review as I had one previously but felt my condiition had worsened since then. I visited our occupational health department in September 22 and had the assessment and the report was sent to head office. In September I started anti TNF injections but due to side effects I had to stop and restarted in November 22. I made my area manager aware of this as she said she wouldn’t go through the report with me until I had properly started medication and then refer me for another review to take into account the immunosuppressant effect on me ( I am a healthcare professional. I filled in another OH application in feb 23 and sent it to area manage but in May 23 when I queried why it had not been actioned I was told my manager had not sent it off. Another member of staff dealt with it. Inapprox June 23 I had another OH review. My area manger changed and she kept saying she was busy and would sit down with me and discuss it. It is now nearly October 23 and I am still no further. It has been over a year now. Is there anyone who I can complain to to spur my company into some action? Any help would be greatly appreciated? Thanks in advance.


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    Morning @Lisa1982

    Sorry to hear you are struggling with support at work with management.

    If I was in your position I would document everything that has happened so far.

    Keep emailing and asking for OH review. Keep all emails and try not to have verbal communication with management. If review arranged in the future ask if you can take someone with you for support and witness what is being said.

    This again will be evidence that you are trying to resolve and sort out your concerns.

    The following link may help....

    Take care and keep posting I am sure someone else on forum will have been in similar position.


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    Have you spoken to your union for advice? I’m am NHS employee. I spoke to my union for advice with regard to maintaining the reasonable adjustments that had been temporarily put in place. This was following an uncomfortable conversation with my manager. I found the union very supportive. I was able to have a much more constructive conversation with my manager and we reached a mutually agreed compromise. The union will hopefully be able to help you move forward. Good luck!

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    @EleanorJP l also work in the NHS as admin. I have suffered with PA for 26 years. I've had a temporary adjustment (review due April 2024) to my hours as my consultant told me l should not be working F/T. My new manager is threatening to force me back to working F/T if lm unable to complete 37.5 hours workload in 33 hours. Told her this was unfair & impossible for able bodied employee nevermind one with a disability. Awaiting Unison disability rep & OT help, contacted GP, Rheumatology & will hopefully get a letter from the consultant. Fear l am going to be pushed out of my role as manager keeps saying the work needs done. Did the union/OT manage to get you a reduced workload? What was the compromise? Thanks Maria x

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    Hi Maria. I too had a temporary adjustment (put in place after a flexible working request) for 3 months initially. This was from 37.5 hours to 22.5 hours. That expired April 2023. It was when I asked my manager for an extension, her reaction was that it might be better if I was re-deployed. I was upset by this as I’d done the job for almost 39 years and too long in the tooth to move. I have a split clinical/managerial post, I struggle now with the clinical side. I spoke to the union rep, who as I say was very supportive. I was able to be more constructive and I think my manager had also collected her thoughts! Although the union offered to assist, I did not involve them directly and my manager does not know I spoke to them. The result was that some tweaks were made as some things weren’t working for her which meant I now work different days to those first months, we trialled that for 6 months (occupational health recommended the change was permanent although I was warned this was just a recommendation). The upshot was that this change was made permanent in October this year. It has been an anxious time and my other option was just to retire. However my manager did not want to lose me and said some of me was better than none.

    I hope you get the support you need and are able to reach a mutually agreeable compromise.