Newbie seeking advice on Axial Spondylitis

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Hello all. I'm new to this site but have been coping with arthritis for many years since my 40s (now 74. Started in my back and hands and now pretty much everywhere. I saw a specialist who said “yes Osteoarthritis you have to put up with it!” So I did. GP referred me to pain clinic which was helpful and put me on a range of nasty medications which I have for the last 6 years chosen not to take. I have Osteoporosis and Hiatus Hernia (acid reflux) which according to the specialists was caused by the earlier drugs. I take paracetamol on a bad day which takes the edge off the pain and helps me sleep. my question today is about Axial Spondylitis which my brother was diagnosed with Just before Covid lockdown. He sent me the details from Holland where he lives because he was told it was genetic and wondered if I had the same. Covid took over before I could have any tests. On research it seems the treatment is the same as osteoarthritis so I wonder whether to bother pushing for tests. Any experience with this please, any advice very much appreciated. Sorry for this long first post.