Hi Julie here sorry been away from here a few questions about DWP Assessment

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Hi I’m so sorry I’ve been away from all you lovely helpful people for over a month. I think the last time we talked I told you I was going to be referred to the Rheumatoid Arthritis clinic & my GP has done the referral but I’ve been ill firstly with shingles, then my lymphodema in my legs started blistering and I’ve had about 4 cycles of antibiotics and had to keep my legs up. To tell you the truth I’m exhausted I haven’t been able to have a blood test because I keep getting the reoccurring leg infection and on top of that for about 5 weeks I’ve had a really long lasting viral chest infection. Sorry if that sounded a bit poor me I didn’t mean for it too!

I was wondering if any of you had any experience with the DWP I had to fill out a massive form well my brother did as I can’t write very well now what with the massive pain in my wrists and hands. Anyway it’s to do with putting my money up? So I don’t have to have constant doctors notes. I’m a bit nervous to tell you the truth they instigated this it wasn’t me wanting more money I think it’s to see if I qualify. We photocopied my long form and I’m going to have a copy of that with me (I’m having this over the phone and they said it could take 20 mins to an hour well I’m not going to be able to hold the phone for that long so I’m going to put it on loudspeaker because that’s the only way I can do it! I was just wondering if anyone had any idea how long it is. It’s happening this coming Monday between 1pm and 4pm (meaning they can ring me at any time between then). They don’t know I’ve had shingles/nor that my lymphodema has turned into cellulitis and that I’m bandaged completely on my left leg with antimicrobial stuff etc nor that I’ve been on antibiotics for ages. Because I’m his all happened after I had filled the form in. Sorry this is so long I always find honesty is the best thing so they do know I’m waiting for an RA appt but not that I can’t even have the blood test because I’m too poorly to have it done because everything would be skewed with the infections in my body.

Just any experiences you would like to share (you don’t have to go into detail) I also suffer from ME so I’m a bit worried that I’m going to mess my words up but I think maybe telling them at the start that I’m nervous and because of my ME I get brain fog would be a good idea?

The pain from my RA is still very high so if any of you lovely people have had any experiences (it’s not PIP) I would love to hear them.

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings I hope you are all as good as you can be and I’m sending lots of love to you all.

Sending fairy wishes as well I do miss taking photos this is one from 2 Christmases ago but let’s think positive and hope this Christmas coming I might be on a better journey to getting diagnosed with whatever I have and that this blinking leg stops getting infections.

Love and light to you all ♥️


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    Hi @erica3105

    Welcome to the Online Community, thank you for taking the time to join us, we are a lovely group of people and hope that you experience with us will be helpful.

    Thank you for adding the beautiful photo, so sorry to hear that you have been going through so much it must have been so difficult for you.

    Yes anything to do with form filling and claiming benefits can be very challenging to anyone and understandable that you are nervous, just take your time during the call it is a good idea that you have a copy of the form to hand to help you. Also possibly listing your conditions and how your condition affects your day-to-day life could be helpful before the call as well as we can only assume that the benefit will be based on your mobility and the help you require.

    For your Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are you taking any treatments (Disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs) or are you having to wait for the infection to clear up before being allowed treatment, if allowed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or painkillers can help, gentle exercise can also be beneficial and applying heat and ice treatment to the affected area can also help with the pain.

    We hope that the telephone call goes well today, take care.

    Best wishes

    Chris (Moderator)

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    I think you are talking about filling in a form for PIP. I think in the circumstances, you can ask for a face to face assessment. Then at least they will SEE your difficulty in walking, and everything else.

    Do tell them, either over thephone or in person, that your health has declined since the form was filled in. Get letters from drs if poss. The more evidence the better. And get your brother to sign the form, saying you cannot write due to disability.

    I re-read your msg and you say it is not PIP. Are you on UC? From reading the message I think you should be on PIP.