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Hi All,

Just joined so come to say hi. I've got arthritis in both knees got diagnosed at 34 now 52 in alot of pain all the time now have been told I need both replaced now d8nt really want too but... I have scoliosis which couldn't be completely made straight so doesn't help but I'm lucky because at least they could straighten my back as much as they could.

Struggling with jobs now as both involve standing but keep going (bills to pay) but its a real struggle but gotta keep going right? Pain killers don't really work anymore. Hopefully we can all help each other xx


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    Hi @lolly52

    Welcome to the online community great to see you posting.

    You write that you are in a lot of pain due to arthritis and scoliosis diagnosed at 34years now 52 and you say that pain killers dont work now.

    Here on the forums we all have some form of arthritis so understand what you are going through.

    Hope this link helps in some way.Please let us know how you get on and do go onto our forums and chat to others

    All the best Christine

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