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Hi,just newly diagnosed with OA of the knees and fingers also have back problems, I am currently reducing my morphine as I have been on it 6 years so my GP has suggested it, also take Pregabalin and Mirtazipine for depression,would taking Glucosamine help with my joint pain? Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Hi @Nanna8,

    There are 3 types of Glucosamine available to take as supplements but there is little evidence to support efficacy in treating Arthritis but of the 3, it is Glucosamine Sulphate which has been researched the most. Most Glucosamine is derived from shellfish so not suitable if you're allergic, though non-shellfish derived sources are available.

    If you're interested in taking supplements to top up your medication then in my humble opinion I'd focus on the ones which are well-documented as having proven results, the main 2 being Capsicum (ideally blended with Peperine for the body to absorb more easily), and Boswellia, both of which are anti-inflammatories. For pain relief, CBD in capsule or gummies form is popular with some sufferers. If you feel like experimenting, best check with your GP or Pharmacist they're safe to take with your medication.

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  • Hi @Nanna8 (thanks jonr)

    Glucosamine does not have strong supporting evidence, and has been looked at for the treatment of Osteoarthritis of the knee at 1500mg per day (Glucosamine Sulphate).

    If you are interested in seeing background on supplements, please email [email protected] we can send you more information. However the information is quite old now.

    The strongest evidence to help Osteoarthritis is to take plenty of gentle exercise and keep moving. Healthy eating to keep weight down is strongly supported in evidence.

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