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Hi again,

Thank you all so much for the help you have given me on my previous questions. I now have another. On Monday, I went for my pre-op assessment and have been given the body/hair wash that has to be used 5 days prior to the operation. The instructions for it states that it has to be used every day, one day to do hair and body, the day after body only using clean cloths, drying with clean towels and once used clean clothes or nightwear has to be put on . Also bedding has to be clean every night. My question is, if you also had to do this how did you manage getting everything washed and dried to be able to have clean every day, especially the bedding.

Thank you


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    Hi @WhitbyWanderer

    This sounds a bit much tbh, I have used this and know people who have used this but have never been told to bedding every night, as long as they are clean upon the start of the process I wouldn't worry.

    Hope your surgery goes well :)

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  • Thank you for this, yes, I think it's rather extreme and considering I don't share a bed with anyone I struggle to understand it but I'm so desperate for my hip replacement I'd be frightened in case something like that put it at risk. I have thought about sleeping inside a clean duvet cover and changing the pillowcase but just wondered if anyone else had any thoughts 🤔

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    Hi @WhitbyWanderer

    I was given this to use in the run up to surgery on my C6/7 in March. I only had to use it the day before and on the day of admission so changed the sheets the day before with clean towels/pj's etc.

    Trish xx

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    I had my pre-op assessment yesterday and was given some body wipes to use the day of the surgery but nothing else. Mind you, the assessment process was grim so I'm not too confident. I won't hijack your post but will upload separate post.