I’m back!

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edited 28. Nov 2023, 14:11 in Living with arthritis

I’m back after probably nearly a decade away. When I was active before I had facet joint arthritis. (That’s the long story made short anyway). I had s successful fusion and didn’t have enough time anymore to join in all the discussions in here because I was living my life!

Between now and then I have done so much. I started long distance swimming (I know: everyone started open water swimming in lockdown but I started before that!) and I’ve done ullswater and coniston twice among others. I also got back in the hills ticking off a few more wainwrights.

Anyway, I’m back now because I need a new hip. Booked in on 7th November. I’m staying as active as I can in the run up trying to maintain a good distance in the pool each week and walking as much as I can (although I’m struggling with hills now). I appreciate I have it good compared to some and I’m lucky because we kept up the private health insurance so I can have it done now rather than waiting for it to get terrible first. However I’m keen to glean any advice from on here so that I’m as prepared as possible. I’m “only” 47 and pretty fit so I really hope it’ll be ok.

I had an awful time with my back, three surgeries in total with the third time being the charm. That being the case I’m more than happy to share info and advice to anyone suffering with spine issues. I had to become very well informed!

Here’s hoping that my hip related journey is much smoother!