Feeling frustrated

Just wanting some advice and some ideas to help. I have osteoarthritis in my left knee, this is 15 years post injury and double surgery. Its classed as mild, but I also have lose cartlidge locking my knee from movement.

I have been going back and forth to my GP and they just do not seem to be helping. No referel has been sent after months. I paid out for a private consultation and he wants me to get to an acute knee clinic and said it needs treatment ASAP. But when I try to speak to my GP surgery they just pass it off.

I have gone from being active, running , walking and playing with my little boy to hobbling around in the space of 4 months.I am 37 and feel like I am 97 at the moment. People are commenting on how I am moving and do not understand why I have no help.

I just do not know what to say to my GP any more to push this along to actually get some help. The longer this fight goes on I feel the more an dmore damage is going on. I am doing the best I can with ibuprofen, suppliments, diet and icing I am just at a loss now.


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    Hi @joelenegaler have you had any more progress? Sometimes just need to keep pushing. Is there a different GP you can see? Some seem to be more understanding of arthritis than others.

  • I've just been booked an appointment with the musculoskeletal nurse at my doctors as they can also refer. Could be worth talking to them about something like that.