Methotrexate injection

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Hi, i am changing from methotrexate tablets to injection and wanted to know if it was better to inject later in the day, so that you sleep most of the horrible after effects off. When i was taking the tablets i took my dose just before my evening meal and i found i had less queasiness.

I would be interested to hear when other people inject. Any advice gratefully appreciated.


  • frogmorton
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    I don't inject but know I would still want to do so later in the day @Ariana for yhe reason you state.

    However a fair few here reckon the nausea is way less taking MTX this way so fingers crossed 🤞 for you.

    Toni xx

  • Ariana
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    @frogmorton Thanks Toni for replying. I agree , now I’m doing the injections in the house I’ll start injecting late evening.