I am finding it very hard nowadays just to get doctor has told me to finish work a couple of times,i am now going to do just that.the problem is i need 2 years n.i. stamps so i will have to buy my own,its not a cheap or easy option to finish.i will only have my work pension to live off which is not very good,but i know i cant keep working.


  • Fif
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    You may be entitled to other benefits depending on your work pension. A trip to CAB to do an assessment would be a good idea. Don't wait until you have stopped work before you do the checks as these things can take time. Good luck.

  • scotleag
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    Not sure what you mean by needing two years NI stamps. Are you saying you are two years short in NI to receive a full state pension? My wife was one year short of the 35 NI needed for a full pension. After investigating the costs involved she decided not to pay it. She receives just 80p per week less than I do on full pension. We calculated it would take her around 16 years (i.e. until 82 years old) to recoup what she would have paid in one year's NI in order to receive that 80p per week.

  • Wenwoo
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    I would look into getting fit notes (sick notes) from your GP this should entitle you to stamps and you may also qualify for money too