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Friends, all my test reports are normal (negative), RA, uric acid, anti ccp, ANA blot, g6pd, HLA b 27, C3, C4. Yet I have severe joint issues. All over the body. Ultra sound of palms have shown some inflammation in wrists and index finger and thumbs.

I don't know the correlation, but I do believe taking lemon shots early morning hasn't suited me. I was told it's suppose to be anti inflammatory, so i consumed. I lost a lot of weight, but guess weakened my muscles in the process too.

I have been advised to take HCQ. Would like to hear from people who are already taking this medication about their experience, benefits, side effect. Thanks.


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    Hi @123_4567

    Welcome to the Online Community, great that you have joined us.

    Your wanting some info on HCQ so thought I'd share this initially whilst your waiting for other members to come along.

    I really hope you find the HCQ starts working for you and your get some comfort.

    Keep posting and let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes


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    Are you saying you've got seronegative rheumatoid arthritis?

    Interesting that they've started you on Hydroxy if they don't suspect 'something inflammatory' is going on @123_4567 It's one of the meds I've been prescribed it's ok pretty well did churn my stomach a bit at first though.

    The inflammation in your hands/wrists maybe?

    I hope you'll decide to keep posting we are a friendly bunch here and will support you in any way we can

    Take care


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    I've been on hydroxy for over 20 years for my RA.. No side effects. On its own it did little but, alongside methotrexate, it does help.

    Have you acrually been diagnosed with a sero-negative inflammatory arthritis or have they decided, from the tests, that you have osteoarthritis? I've heard of hydroxy being prescribed occasionally for OA but it's not usual.

    In your shoes I'd want to know if they do think you have a sero-neg form of inflammatory arthritis or not. Meanwhile, stick with the hydroxy and I hope it helps.

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