Alternative to Capsaicin Cream

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  • Apollo149
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    Has anyone found an alternate cream to Capsaicin which doesn't cost a fortune? My GP says work something out with my pharmacist but all they can offer me is Voltarol which as a single Pensioner is cost to much to buy on a regular basics.

    It has to do the same job as Capsaicin cream.


  • Louisa77
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    Hi @Apollo149

    Capsaicin is one of the best out there and we do hear it can be difficult to get hold of due to it being expensive for the NHS but it shouldn't be costing you as a pensioner as I assume you get your prescriptions free. Capsaicin is only available by prescription.

    I've added the info about OA as this contains some complimentary medicines and pain relief treatments, hope it helps

    I really hope you find an alternative that eases the pain for you - keep us posted

    Best wishes


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  • Trish9556
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    Hi @Apollo149

    Have you tried red tiger balm. I got a small pot about shx weeks ago, I think it was £6.50 or thereabouts. A little goes a really long way and if you can find it in one I'd the online shop you could probably find a bargain or two. I will definitely buy a more purse friendly one when this runs out.

    Love n hugs

    Trish xx