Low mood/depression on methotrexate/steroid injection?

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i wondered if anyone has any experience of very (very) low mood in relation to taking Mtx and/ or having a intra muscular steroid injection?

I have axial spondylitis and have been on Mtx for 8 weeks (17.5mg) and had 2 steroid injections 5 weeks apart. I am experiencing really profound low mood, brain fog, panic attacks, and fatigue. I have a history of mental health issues, but this feels very different. I also know that chronic disease can cause mood disturbances but my joints are actually doing ok at the moment!

many thanks



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    Hi @Rosj

    Welcome to the Online Community, hope you find that we are a supportive, friendly group.

    Really sorry to hear the difficult time you are experiencing, I thought I'd share some of these personal stories Busting the myths of axial spondyloarthritis (versusarthritis.org) while your waiting for other members to comment.

    Looking after your mental health is important, maybe this will help How to look after your mental health when you have arthritis (versusarthritis.org).

    Please keep posting, your not alone.


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    When I first started with methotrexate, I too felt very down, tired and weepy. I don't know if it was the drug or the RA or a combination of both, but as time has gone on i feel more like my old self, although I still have my ups and downs. If your joints are feeling OK I'd certainly persevere and hopefully the side effects will diminish over time.

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    I have been on methotrexate for numerous years and have recently been moved down from 20mg to 15mg to help my immune system during the winter due to other issues. I have found it to be a good controller of my RA and would say to continue with it if possible. like the previous member says sometimes it difficult to know if it is the RA or the medication that makes you feel down at times.

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    Thank you for these comments and I’ll check out the links, I really appreciate it.

    I’ve spoken to my rheum nurse and my psychiatrist and they both feel that the steroids are causing my symptoms, and it’s unlikely to be the Mtx.

    I’ve been advised to have 2 weeks off the Mtx anyway, just to let my body calm down (although, I’m thinking this could have the opposite effect!). So we’ll see!

    thanks again :)