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my name is Jayne. I’m 58. I love my two dogs, gardening and reading. My favourite thing to do is to read outside with my two dogs after doing a little gardening osteoarthritis permitting. I love being outside when my pain isn’t too bad.

I have a lovely supportive husband who I love to bits. He steps in to do the things I can’t.

Although I have osteoarthritis and all the things that go with it I feel lucky in my life. I do get days when I feel very down though and someone else to remind me things get better or to have been there will be fantastic.

Thank you.


  • Ellen
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    Hello @LillyjayneT (Jayne) It's lovely to meet you and welcome you to on our online Community.

    I see that you have Osteoarthritis (OA) a lovely husband and two dogs! You enjoy reading and your garden. I can see, reading your post, that you are in general an upbeat person.

    Of course Osteoarthritis can cause problems, but a positive attitude can really help. This group of people will be here to pick you up on your down days and you can reciprocate 🙂

    While you wait for someone to come along to say hello I am going to attach a link which might be relevant to you:

    and suggest you look at this gardening thread:

    you might be able to help the last poster @JulieF with her gardening query.

    I do hope you'll decide to keep posting, this really is a lovely group of people so welcoming and friendly.

    My best wishes


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  • Hi Ellen,

    Thank you so much! Thank you for the links too and I have helped the lady who needed a potting table hopefully. I use the folding table I used to use for bake sales. I can’t manage the baking or the selling anymore but the table makes an excellent potting table.

    I will definitely continue to post and hopefully be of use to others as I hope others will help me too.

    Thank you,

    Jayne xxxxxx