Coping with pain

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How do you cope with pain mine is getting worse cant sleep feel so tired no energy any tips


  • Wagtails
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    Recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis I would like some to hear how effective DMARDS are in reducing pain.

  • Louisa77
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    Hi @Wagtails

    Welcome to the Online Community, thanks for posting.

    There are lots of members with Rheumatoid arthritis, see some previous posts here rheumatoid arthritis - Versus Arthritis.

    Here is some info about Dmards for you too

    All the best


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  • Trish9556
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    Hi @Carold

    For me, coping with my pain changes almost on a daily basis.

    I have Osteoarthritis in my hips with gluteal tendinopathy as well on the right side and in my left wrist which is also showing osteo necrosis. I'm literally falling to bits 😂. The pain is like nothing I've ever experienced before.

    I'm currently using morphine patches that say on for a week before replacing together with paracetamol and/or tramadol as needed to boost. The patches don't get rid of all the pain but about 75-80% of what it was. I took Gabapentin and maximum codeine before they stopped working for me.

    To add to the mix I have my tens machine, red tiger balm, hot and cold compresses. The tens machine has options for tens, ems and massage.

    I'm lucky I am retired. I can't sleep, I don't sleep. I'm a side sleeper and the side I sleep in is my worst side. I'm not supposed to sleep on my back because I also have bronchiectstasis and asthma. (Told you I'm falling to bits 😂😂). Couldn't get out of bed last night, would've fallen if I hadn't caught myself in the chest if drawers. (as usual husband slept through this).

    I'm not coping at all but do what I can to keep moving and do the exercises my physio gave me. There are days I could give up completely but think if my darling grandchildren who keep me going.

    We have to stay positive, I'm trying hard but it is hard. We are all in the same boat here and all waiting for that magic wand to cure this awful disease. Until then, as in the words of if nat king Cole, smile.

    Love n hug

    Trish xx