Swelling in hip - advice please


I wonder if you can help. I have OA in my hips (and I suspect knees). I was diagnosed about a year ago and just when I think I have a vague handle on how to manage my symptoms I realise that I don't. My hips have swollen up this week and I feel like there is a lot of pressure in the joint. I've tried Ibuprofen, and eased off on the exercise for one day. I then decided to take some Naproxen which I haven't used for a few months and felt like the swelling had gone down a bit this morning but half an hour later it felt much worse and I couldn't sit down. I decided to do some gentle hip movements and I think that I may have shifted the swelling to a different part of my joint as it feels slightly better or maybe the Naproxen is kicking in. I've tried hot and cold packs but they don't really seem to help. My question is this - with hip swelling is it better to exercise or rest? I've tried both and my symptoms feel so erratic I'm now unsure on the best course of action. I was also supposed to be planning to go away this weekend for the first time this year and now I'm not sure whether this is a good idea. Does anyone have any other advice on reducing swelling please? thanks