Pain relief options.

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Hi All,

I'm an active 45 year old male who has bilateral severe arthritis, im trying to delay the inevitable surgery due to age. Im trying all the routes ie - weight loss, exercise, capsicum cream, omega 3's, Turmeric, Voltarol Gel and paracetamol. Im at the stage where the pain now makes me need to try 'prope'r pain relief.

I have a prescription for Naproxen and some in my drawer. I know they work quite well as took one last year and helped with pain yet I'm a bit nervous to take them due to all the bad press they get.

Am I being silly and should I just get on with taking them?

Thank you.


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    Hi @thebradski007

    welcome to the online community,great to see you posting and asking questions.

    you write that you have been diagnosed with bilateral severe arthritis and to delay having surgery you are trying to find alternative routes to pain relief

    Hope this link helps you make some decisions.Please let us know how you get on.

    Do go onto our forums to chat to others they may have other suggestions.

    All the best Christine

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