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Hi all. My name is Jennifer and I have just arrived. I was diagnosed with arthritis in my knee by the gp last week and he sent me some info about arthritis and some exercises from versus arthritis, which is how I found out about you.

My knee has been becoming increasingly more painful for a while and I am limping around the house today feeling so angry at the world. This should not be happening to me, how do I stop it, why can't it just go away. I am a nurse so I know a little bit about how devastating this disease can be and I just don't want it!

However, I am sure compared to most people on this site I have a very mild case and I will calm down in a few days and learn more about what I can influence and what I can't, and I aim to be supportive to others, (honestly). I'm a nice person really, but I needed to vent somewhere, - and I hope this is an appropriate space.

Thanks for listening, if you've got this far 🙂