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Hello I'm 31 years old, I had a fall back when I was in high-school, which resulted in a laceration to my left knee which went to the bone, I suffered years of pain after this needing hot packs applied to sooth the pain, for the last year to 2 years it changed to grinding and clicking with horrendous pain when walking or moving my leg, I attended a xray to get it checked and doctors diagnostic osteoarthritis.

I'm also suffering with clicking and grinding with pain every now and then, in my left knee, both wrists and both elbow but currently it's not as painful and the doctors didn't xray or examined so there not diagnosed.

I have 2 children 1 is 7 and the other is 3 years old, it's affecting all our lives not just mine but my children and my partners due to the distance I can walk has reduced massively, I feel lost and like I'm letting my children down everyday 💔 😢 they deserve a better life than this.

I am currently being given injections into the knee I have to have them once every 3 months and if it doesn't help by the time I've had 3 then my GP will be sending me to a bone doctor.

I know it doesn't get better but can be managed with physiotherapy which I have to call my GP tomorrow to see if they have any new space added yet, if there isn't then the waiting list elsewhere are at least 8 weeks for a call to see if I made the list (I am already on the list incase my GP surgery hasn't added any new slots) it's all a waiting game.

I have spoken to family and friends about my diagnosis but how that went is a different story 😒

At what stage do I apply for PIP, I have had to come out if work, I just don't know what to do with this situation, I have always worked but being a senior carer in a care home was killing me with the pain daily I need guidance I have never been in this situation before I'm lost and need to be found 🤦‍♀️


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    Hello @Laura138 and welcome to our friendly and supportive Community. I hope that will be your experience as well.

    I understand that you may have osteoarthritis in your knee and other joints and waiting for this to be confirmed. I also see that you are waiting for physio. Take a look at the following links, Nuffield offer a free joint pain programme so if there is one near you it is worth applying. Escape Pain is worth a look as well.

    Nuffield Free Joint Pain Programme

    Escape Pain

    and we have some exercise video as as well.

    Please keep posting and let us know how you are getting on and I am sure others will share their support and experience as well.

    With best wishes,

    Peter (moderator)

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