On antibiotics after 1 dose of methotrexate!

Hi all, I started taking MTX for rheumatoid arthritis last week, due my 2nd dose today but have 2 fingers infected around the nail so have to postpone MTX and take a 7 day course of antibiotics instead 🤦‍♀️ Just hoping this isn't going to be a repeated pattern!


  • Loggiemod
    Loggiemod Member Posts: 199

    @Nikbok sounds a bit unfortunate - let's hope this is just a one-off occurence and you are OK after this

  • Arthuritis
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    @Nikbok That is unfortunate but I don’t think it would be due to MTX, that takes a long time to take affect, around 3 months. It works by reducing new T cell production, and they take around 3 months to die.

    Do note that many antibiotics including penicillin based ones, must not be taken with MTX, with serious side effects. BNF has details. GP would normally check.