Work and pain


I am having difficulties at work with my pain I am a part time cleaner in a school i ve just been diagnosed with arthritis in my knees it is a very physical job and really want to do my best but I am having to sit down and rest in between periods of cleaning. Is there anything I could do to make it more bearable while I am working as I do like my job and want to be able to do it to my best abilities.


  • frogmorton
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    I know some of the people here with knee OA do use knee braces/supports to help them in this sort of situation.

    Also might be worth doing some of the exercises on here for knees. Trust me if you stick with them they will actually help.

    Take care @Karond123

    Toni x

  • ALander
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    Hi @Karond123

    I struggle too and have recently tried using knee support brace/bandage/elasticated support.

    These have definitely helped and are worth putting on before you start work.

    I've also had a couple of sports massage treatments on my legs. It feels good and does seem to help, but costs more than I'd like!

    I get glared at if I sit down but I'm doing it anyway as it helps me to take the weight off my feet. I guess if I lost some of the extra pounds , I might benefit too but I just need to sit down/sleep when I get home and comfort eat to survive the pain 🙄