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Hi there! I have osteoarthritis and I have been toying w

ith the idea of getting a pair of walking poles. At the moment I get little or no exercise, and common sense is telling me I need to put that right. But my biggest concern is that one of my hips is starting get painful twinges now and then. My question is, if I start exercising more by walking do you think aggravate/ damage my hip , or help it?

Thank you for reading my post.

Sooze x


  • jonr
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    Hi @Sooze,

    First off, I really rate walking poles - light, adjustable, don't sink in grass, spread weight evenly and you look like a pro hiker using them. Will the exercise aggravate your condition? Very likely I'd say but it'll get easier over time. I'd recommend warming up stretches and exercises before you do anything and get your pain management sorted, don't forget to warm down afterwards too, perhaps even a good hot bath of shower and a glass of wine or a cuppa to celebrate!

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    Hi @Sooze

    I walk almost every day using my walking poles. They do help take some pressure off my joints and back. Also they give some stability.

    Mine are quite a cheap make, but they do have a spring in them so that helps. Like suspension.

    Exercise is something I really believe in so I really would give it a go in your shoes. Don't overdo it though - build it up gently.

    Take care

    Toni x

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    Thank you for your reply and advice. I'm feeling much more positive about it now. 🤔 An early Christmas present perhaps!

    Sooze x

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    Hi Toni, thanks for your reply, it's really helpful. All I need to work on now is my confidence haha!

    Thank you, Sooze x