New sensation

Sometimes I just stop in to describe new feelings (usually painful) that I experience in my arthritic hip, so maybe others can relate. In the last couple of nights, trying to reposition in bed has become, um, interesting. I usually have to grab the headboard & lever myself up and over--nothing new there, but the other night I didn't get it just right and felt like I pulled my hip out a bit. Now, every once in a while, when I move just so, I feel like the joint is pulling apart. It's not as painful as it was at first, just really weird! I try to do exercises to strengthen the muscles in the area, and I'm thinking that's a good thing or it might come completely unhinged!


  • frogmorton
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    Erm maybe mention to your Dr or physio if you're seeing one? I wouldn't like this at all if it was my hip😕

    Take care @TLee

    Toni x

  • TLee
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    My doctors are of the type often discussed here--those who really don't care about older people with worn out joints. At best they give you a sympathetic face, at worst they act like you are wasting their time. I don't even bother to see them for my arthritis any more, just do what I can on my own. I think the new pain is just "normal" progression of my condition. I have been fighting fatigue and depression (seasonal affective disorder hits me hard every year), and have not done all I should to stay active. Even simple stretches seem to require too much effort, and I can basically do them lying in bed!. If I can motivate myself to do a bit more I may see improvement, but it is a sad reality that with OA joint deterioration is ongoing. As if I wasn't depressed enough! I feel certain that even a short walk on these lovely fall mornings would do me a lot of good. Hmmm, maybe tomorrow....