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Hi everyone - I am 57 nursing sister who after my hysterectomy 10 years ago developed athritis - my second and third finger are well on their way to deformity and they ache constantly . I have today started with pain in my left wrist with swelling and also recovering from major foot and ankle surgery I’m July .

I take zinc is there anything else anyone can recommend as my orthopaedic colleagues are suggesting different remedies but I want to know Versus Arthritis community recommendations .


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    Hi @Traceymw_50 welcome to the online community.

    I understand from your post that you are working as a nursing sister and have had Arthritis (Osteoarthritis I am presuming) in your fingers and have just started with swelling and pain in your left wrist. I see you have also had foot and ankle surgery this July.

    Your orthopaedic colleagues are suggesting different remedies but you are interested in what has helped our members.

    While you are waiting to hear from them I wonder whether these links might be of interest to you?

    Now that you've introduced yourself I hope you'll take a look around the forum and join in wherever you feel comfortable. Living with Arthritis tends to be the most popular category after Say Hello.

    Best wishes


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    Hi @Traceymw_50

    My respect to you working for our NHS in spite of your own pain too.

    I take it it's Osteoarthritis (OA) you've got? A good few here recommend capsaicin for OA I wonder whether you can get your GP to prescribe it for you? I know it has been in short supply of late but has to be worth a try.

    I am also having trouble with my wrist but mine is the right one. Are you allowed to wear a splint at work I am suspecting not.

    Anyway glad to have you on board


  • Hi Toni

    thank you for your reply . Yes it’s OA and I do wear a thumb splint when I am not clinical but not all the time - thank you for the advice I will speak to my gp ✔️