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Hello I'm new to here just a quick question how can i live with this pain I'm newly diagnosed with excruciating pain but morphine is not even helping any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks


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    Hello @feengala and welcome to the online community,

    I understand you've been newly diagnosed with arthritis (you don't say but I'm presuming it's arthritis) and you are living with excruciating pain, and you'd like any suggestions for how to deal with it.

    Pain is one of the biggest challenges to deal with, whatever sort of arthritis you live with. I'm sure you'll find help and support from our friendly members, all of whom live with arthritis.

    It sounds like you are the beginning of your journey - it does take a while to find the pain treatment that works best for you. Talking to your GP or rheumatologist is the best way to work out which way to go.

    I've added a couple of links below for you to have a look at. The first is a site specially for people such as yourself who have been newly diagnosed; the second has some suggestions for how you can manage your pain. I hope they are of some use:

    Do let us know how you're getting on,

    Anna (Moderator)

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