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I'm new to the site. I've circled it for a couple of years and finally joined.

I have constant pain in my legs and feet as I am on my feet all day at work and it also involves some heavy lifting. I work in a garden centre.

I was diagnosed about 4 years ago, with osteoarthritis in my right hip, fingers and toes. The rheumatologist told me "it's just wear and tear" and that was it, nothing.

I cried.

She then advised I invest in a pair of N*ke air trainers which might help a bit.

The pain gets worse and worse. It keeps me awake at night, often to the point of tears.

Lack of sleep makes my painful day at work even worse.

My previous GP prescribed duloxetine, omeprazole and naproxen on repeat prescription 4 years ago. The pain I've described happens even though I take these every day.

My new GP immediately stopped the naproxen last week which just crippled me and resulted in 2 days off work.

I called her and she has put me back on them until my blood tests come back.

I have no more idea how to cope or what to expect from my GP.

I'm scared I'll lose my job.

I'm now paying for sports massage each week just to help my legs. It's SO good but costly. I just wish I could afford it 3 times a day every day!!

I never know what's worth buying or not so tend to waste money in a desperate search for relief which often never comes 🙄


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    Hello @ALander

    I am glad you have found our online forum and I hope you will find it a useful place for support and advice from our members.

    It sounds as if your osteoarthritis is causing you problems and pain, and with a job where you are on your feet all day, you don't get much opportunity for rest. Balancing rest with exercise is the key to managing your symptoms, but it sounds as if you need more help in order to keep working. Have you asked for a referral to the orthopaedic department of the hospital? That would seem a logical next move.

    I am posting a couple of links from our website which I hope will help, and I am sure our members will suggest other things from their experiences.

    Do let us know how you get on with this. We always enjoy hearing from you.

    Best wishes


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    Thank you so much. I will have a good read of these and head back to the GP to seek a referral x

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    Hi Caryl,

    Is it worth asking for steroid injection or capsaicin cream before referral?

    I've only ever had NSAIDs from the GP

    Does the NHS do physio massage?

    I'm currently paying £30 to £40 for an hours treatment which I can't really afford.

    Any other ideas?

    I will be asking for a referral anyway as it sounds as if it would be a sensible move.



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    Hi @ALander have you had a look at the free Nuffield Joint Pain Course or Escape-Pain. Both are free I think.

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    I went back to the GP and have been prescribed brufen gel and blood tests show SLIGHT prediabetes and Slight raise in cholesterol so have been signed up for 9 month lifestyle classes 😐