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Hi, Sometime ago I think there was a discussion about house shoes being a better alternative to plain old slippers for those of us with osteoarthritis and a replacement hip. I'd be very interested to know if anyone has a make of house shoes that they've found helps or alternatively it'd be good to know if they're a waste of money.

Many thanks, Roger


  • Louisa77
    Louisa77 Administrator Posts: 245

    Hi @RogerBill

    I think this is the post you may have seen - lots of posts Shoes! — Versus Arthritis

    Hope it helps


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  • RogerBill
    RogerBill Member Posts: 222

    Thanks @Louisa77 Maybe my memory is playing tricks but I think there was a more recent post which named a few makes of house shoes (slippers) which provide cushioning for arthritic joints.

    All I've found on the internet so far is Orthofeet which don't have very good reviews and I can't find any local stockists. Especially as house shoes tend to be a little expensive I'd prefer not to buy anything online and unseen without at least some personal recommendations.

  • jamieA
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    Hi @RogerBill

    A couple of years ago I saw a rheumatology podiatrist who recommended wearing trainers with a wedge sole. She recommended a particular type and brand of running shoe - the type that's causing all these running records to be broken as they have a cushion sole that adds spring to your step. Unfortunately the make she recommended didn't come as wide fit so I didn't buy them but I have been buying wedge soled shoes now - I have skechers slip ons for indoors which I think help.

  • RogerBill
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    Thanks @jamieA a good idea. I should have thought of Sketchers because I have a couple of pairs of their walking shoes which are very comfortable. Their only downside is that I find they wear out quite quickly but this wouldn't be a problem with slippers/house shoes.