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  • Hi I'm new. Don't know if i'm in the right place, technology and me don't do well together, but I am 82 years old.

    I have had arthritis since I was about 50. Never been told what kind, but find medical help zero. I do have several more medical conditions, but feel now I'm old no one is interested in giving me any help.

    sorry for the moan but it's how I feel.😒

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    Hi @nortonsmith

    Welcome to the Online Community, thank you for joining, your tech skills are great - you made it 😊

    We are a lovely group of people, we hope that your experience with us will be helpful - please don't apologise for moaning we all need to vent. You are not alone anymore and you have lots of members here that understand and appreciate how you feel when you struggle to get the medical support.

    Please keep posting

    Best wishes


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