Sports therapy/massage

Today I went for my first treatment with a Sports Therapist for massage and to formulate a plan to manage my hip pain.

Her mission statement is:-

"To create a motivational and fun environment for people to improve their health, fitness and wellbeing and to facilitate lifestyle changes. To open people’s eyes to the benefits of both structured exercise and active recreation. 

To assist with musculo-skeletal discomfort and injury rehabilitation to enable clients to optimise their daily lives.

With two parts, Sports therapy and Personal Training. Both parts are aimed at helping individuals to achieve their goals and to feel good doing it. Sports therapy includes deep tissue/remedial massage which can treat many soft tissue problems. Sports massage is also available."

It was fabulous and my hip and leg feel better than they have for a long time!!!

I could have cried with joy at feeling so good after such a long time in pain. 😁😁😁