Just been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis

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Hi, My name is Paula,

For 21 years I was a foster carer and gave it up 2 years ago, partly because I was struggling. I now work in an office for the mental health act team in Edinburgh. I have been in that job for just over a year now.

For the past 7 years I have been back and forth from my GP. My mum had Lupus and I was convinced I had that. Eventually I saw a new doctor who decided to send me to rheumatology where I was diagnosed.

I pick up my prescription next week for methotrexadate which I am scared to start because of the side effects but I need to try it.

I used to be able to walk for miles but in the past year I sometimes struggle to walk to my car. My main problem is the fatigue. I get home from work and have to go lie down. I hate how this is affecting my life. I want to be running about with my grandchildren and not have to hand them to someone else because my hands are too sore to hold them.


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    Hi @pmcg1  

    Welcome to the versus arthritis forum. 

    You have recently been diagnosed with RA and are due to commence taking methotrexate very shortly. You’re concerned about the side effects of this medication. You also suffer with fatigue. 

    Well, you’ve come to the right place to interact with others who have been/are in your situation. 

    These links to our website, just in case you haven’t visited, may be useful:


     Also, here’s a very recent conversation in the forum that you may wish to join in with:

     Good luck with commencing with medication, I hope any side effects are manageable. 

    Best Wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator)

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    Big hugs 🤗 @pmcg1

    I would say don’t b too frightened of the methotrexate it works well for most people ! What I will say thou if u have no pain but are still very fatigued that cud be the methotrexate!

    Thats my experience of methotrexate I had no pain but literally no zest for life !

    I came off my meds when I got poorly and my energy surged in remission so I knew it was methotrexate just be aware of that side affect because I think most people put up with the fatigue if your arthritis is well managed and no flares u should not be tired !

    As for the other side affects they will be clear ! My advise take them with a drink just before u go bed u will sleep throu it x x x x

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    Thanks Chris, I've looked at those already but Im going to be sending my husband and sons a link to read it all.

    I'm planning on starting my methotrexadate on a friday night so I have the weekend to recover before I have to go back to work

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    Good luck with methotrexate, if you have side effects contact your rheumatologist and team as they can change meds till they find something which works. Xx