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So, after a year on the "urgent" waiting list for a hip replacement, I'm now scheduled for surgery next month so both terrified and excited. I work at two part time jobs, both office work predominantly based at home. For both, I work for a small voluntary group and am the sole paid employee managing the admin side of things so not strenuous but many of the tasks are essential ones. I'm now thinking about my post surgery recovery period and how long I need to be off work. Clearly, the first couple of weeks I need to concentrate on my recovery but not sure about after that. Can I ask those who work in something similar, can I ask how long it was before you returned to work (even part time) and do you have any advice?


  • Jojo72
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    Hi @LK57

    I'm also scheduled to have THR next month and like you, I'm excited but terrified in equal measure.

    I work from home in an admin role and when I spoke to my Consultant about getting back to work, he said it would likely be around 6-8 weeks before I would be back full time.

    But obviously that's not speaking from experience. Hopefully someone who has already been through it will be able to advise.

    What date is your surgery planned for?

  • LK57
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    Surgery is planned for 17th November so I'm expecting to be back full time after the new year but am going to have to spend some time on the laptop in December to ensure people/invoices get paid. Just hoping this works out.

  • Louisa77
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    Hi @LK57

    Take a look here too as this might give you some pointers for preparing post surgery, the recover as well as work

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