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Hey all, My name is Jools & I have just joined. I have inflammatory arthritis and on biologic therapy. What an amazing bunch of people here. I write a little blog that I wanted to share one of my pieces today as its world arthritis day. It's about camping and arthritis. xxx



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    Hello @JoolsJools welcome to the online community

    You have inflammatory arthritis which appeared when you were first pregnant, this is a rare occurrence but as you will see on the attached link it does happen occasionally. It sounds as if this has caused a readjustment to your lifestyle but not dampened your enthusiasm for camping and outdoor living.

    I attach a link which you might find interesting

    It is great to receive a such a positive and encouraging post and we hope that you will continue to join us with similar messages and occasional links to your blog if they are arthritis related. I did enjoy reading your blog and hope that our members do as well. Maybe you can post more tips in the Sports and Hobbies section.

    Thank you for your message to mark World Arthritis Day October 12th.

    Best wishes


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