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I've joined this group so I can connect with people who will understand arthritis, and to find ways of alleviating pain, who else would know this but this community.

My names Mel, I'm 56 years old and about 15 years ago I developed fibromyalgia and then osteoarthritis. Fibromyalgia is one thing but the arthritis is even worse on top, I have OA in my left ankle, both knees, lumbar back and pelvis (spondylitis) this causes recurring sciatica, upper back c5-c7, also in both hands and wrists.

I don't drive but used to love walking, felt so independent, now I can't walk as far as I'd like to and it is changing my life completely.

My doctor won't refer me to a rheumatologist as he says my blood results don’t show a need to, I find this absolutely ridiculous as I maybe missing out on making my life a bit easier.