Recently diagnosed with PsA aged 27


Hello, I’m Lauren and I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis earlier this year. I take sulfasalzine and methotrexate. It seems I’m in the middle of a flair up and my hips, elbow and neck are particularly painful. I wondered how you manage your pain day to day beyond the treatment that you’re on. Is there any way I can get some relief? Thank you in advance.


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    Hi @laurenwallacedean

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    Sorry to hear you are experiencing a flare up, it can be so difficult to get the right treatment and pain management.

    This is some info about the condition with some treatment options and and managing symptoms:-

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    Hi @laurenwallacedean

    I was diagnosed with PsA 3 years ago at the age of 65. I started on sulfasalazine and when it didn't work MTX was added and when that combination didn't work the adalimumab biosimilar Amgevita was added. Things started improving about 3 weeks later. My rheumatologist says the 3 drugs work in conjunction to give a better outcome than each individually - what she described as 1+1+1>3. I think the term is synergistic. I'm far better than I was - though obviously not cured. Unfortunately the rules for moving onto a biologic were that you had to demonstrate the failure of 2 DMARDs and have 3 swollen joints before they consider biologics so it was 9 months after diagnosis before I was put onto Amgevita.

    One thing I realised quickly was that I needed to be far more assertive in dealings with medics and not be a passenger in my treatment journey. When I complained about lack of help and support I was suddenly given access to a pain clinic, occupation therapist, rheumatology physio and rheumatology podiatrist - who all helped.

    The pain clinic consultant prescribed capsaicin cream and lidocaine patches for my joints and back as well as strong painkillers including oramorph until the Amgevita started working. I've rarely had to use oral painkillers in the two years I've now been on the cocktail of 3 drugs.

    I hope you get some help soon.