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Memories are incredibly important when we lose someone close to us. They can bring us comfort, make us smile and help us remember cherished moments of happier times. Our Remembered Always dedication page is a special place where we can come together to honour the memory of our loved ones who have been affected by arthritis. You can leave a message, upload a photograph and even make a donation in their memory if you wish too. Click the link below to leave a dedication of your own or to read the wonderful dedications that have been made in loving memory. By coming together to remember those we love we can support each other and share our hopes for a better future.  


Leave your dedication here

If you would like to hear more about the ways you can support Versus Arthritis in memory of your loved one, or if you would just like to chat to someone about their connection with arthritis, you can contact Gill or Anna in our In Memory & Gifts in Wills team by phone on 0300 790 0406 or by email at [email protected]

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