Rituximab and Hair Loss

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I'm losing my hair! I had my first infusion of Rituximab 4 weeks ago and my second just under 2 weeks ago and after the first I noticed that a lot of hair, probably twice as much, was in my hair after showering/brushing and after asking my nurse she said that it wasn't too do with my infusion. After my second I'm now getting patches (1 large and a few small) breaking away....is this possible with Rituximab? Dr Google says it is but only for PV and Cancer patients not for RA. I didn't think it would ever bother me if I lost my hair but this weekend has taught me otherwise. Hoping to just see if anyone has had this and whether it will stop/my body will climatise to it


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    Hello @EmmyEm

    Welcome to our online forum. I hope you will find us a friendly group who help each other with information and support.

    I understand that you have had your first infusion of Rituximab and are worried as you have noticed some hair loss. I am linking to some NHS information on Rituximab, but your first point of call should really be to your healthcare team, who I am sure will try and help. Hopefully some of our members may also have experience of the drug.

    Please do keep posting and let us know how you are getting on.

    Best wishes


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    Hi, I recently underwent 8 doses of Rituximab over a two month period for lymphoma on my parotid gland. The only symptoms I experienced was tiredness and loss of energy. My haematologist told me that I would not get any hair loss which I didn’t. It has got thinner over the years, but I think that happens to most people as we get older. I would though speak with your doctor or health professional about it.

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    Thank you for the replies, really appreciate them and the information.

    I've spoken to one of my specialist nurses but unfortunately she didn't seem to be interested in discussing any of the issues I raised (liver, chest and kidney pain and the hair loss) and was quite blasé about the fact my Vit B12 is a bit low at 48 not sure what the normal is as I'm not sure what units that was measured in. Told me it'd be best just to see my GP which I did and ended up spending 9 hours in A&E. I'm OK nothing serious just the usual stuff. I'm now wondering if my other meds are interacting with the infusion and just making my hair brittle and it's breaking off.