Newly diagnosed RA and OA

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Hi I have just been diagnosed with Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, in the same week my job was made redundant. I'm in my 50s and never been out of work before. I start methotrexate this coming week. The dilemma is do I find a job or take time out, as I do struggle quite a bit. It all feels quite overwhelming at the moment. Is there any advice out there.

I have osteoarthritis in legs, knees hips and neck and RA in feet, ankles, wrists, elbows and hands


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    Hello @Jobo and welcome to the online community,

    You have been diagnosed with RA and OA and been made redundant from your job, I am not surprised you are feeling quite overwhelmed. Like many of us when we are first diagnosed, we feel overwhelmed with all the "What if ?" and "Why me?" questions about our future, our health and how it will all impact on our lives and those closest to us. We are here to help and support you as many of us know where you are coming from and whilst your journey forward will be unique to you, we can be there with information, advice, friendship, a shoulder to moan on, a laugh . So we are glad you found us and hope that you will join in with us as part of the community.

    I attach some links with information that you might find useful

    I have included a link to Methotrexate ( MTX) which a lot of our members take. It helps many of us but will take a while to show its benefits.

    The dilemma you face about whether to try to go back to work is a very difficult one. There will, I am sure be lots of guidance from our members meanwhile give your body and mind a brief time to pause and regroup after such a difficult week.

    There is a lot of information and advice available and when you feel able do browse round the community. We are here to support you so do join us again soon.

    Best wishes


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    Hi @Jobo - this is also my first post but our situations are similar so I thought I'd send a message of solidarity. I'm also in my 50s and have also just been diagnosed with OA and RA and am about to start Metho. My employer is about to be acquired and I'm worried about keeping up appearances so I don't get culled in the acquisition. If I could afford to take time off to focus on side effect management, physio, lots of gentle movement e.g. slow walks and enjoying what hobbies my hands let me do, I completely would. I hope you have some savings and can at least consider a break. If not, know you aren't alone in putting on a brave public face through all this "fun".

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    Morning ladies

    I like you both in 50s and diagnosed OA and RA earlier this year after a winter of suffering.

    I was advised to contact local Welfare Rights team who helped me with benefits as work was not an option at the time for me.

    Also the following links may help...

    I joined groups to which really helped me tooo

    Best wishes


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    Thanks @Naomi33 and LizinScotland. I joined the Nuffield pain programme a wile ago and would recommend it. I will take a look at the Escape pain website too.

    I have been struggling for a while, and the last few months at work were extremely hard going, zombie comes into mind. I think it's the thought of not working that terrifies me, but for the time being its the only option.

    I will definitely look at the financial support page. Thanks again, it's nice to have support from people in the same position 🙂