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Hi all just over 2 years ago i was very ill with covid put me in a coma for 5 weeks and left me with 70% lung function so i get out of breath when walking but mainly going up a slope, add to that about a year ago i was diagnosed with severe Osteo in my left knee But my consultant is against surgery (because of my lungs) and only recommended pain relief in the form of paracetemol to start with 2 tabs 4 times aday ! with my other meds i felt that was not on so take 1 or 2 in a morning and 1 at bed time which works ok , I also use turmeric oil massaged into my knee in the morning which in my case really does seem to help If i dont do any activities during the day gardening or out shopping i do a 1 k walk and time my self sometimes with a stick some times with out