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Hi does anyone know what type of medication has really helped them I had a discussion with a GP today basically not my own it was a Locum from Primary Care they must use so basically end result she offered was Naproxen which I have taken in the past but it does not work well at all with me Codiene which interferes with my stomach and bowels so I cant take that then said what about a ibuprofen rub which Ive tried numerous times and is to be truthfully no good what so ever plus at my Escape pain class one the guys whom attended was told by his GP that it is pointless using them when your OA is bad after this She told me that was it could not offer anything she had offered all that is the recommended ratio. I told her that in this modern day and age of medicine surely that was not the only meds that would and could be offered the way she spoke to me was quite rude and as though she was basically saying if you won't take any of them well just put up and shut up I came of the phone feeling quite frustrated and angry so have decided to see if I can get to see my own GP wish me luck haha but in the meantime thought I would ask on the community to see if anyone can give me some info about different meds.

Much Appreciated :-)


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    Hi @Wonderwoman89,

    Ah, the frustration of health professionals who don't get the agony and frustration of Arthritis. To be fair, the options are limited in what they can prescribe anyway.

    You've asked what's worked for others here. I take Naproxen and Omeprazole but top those up with the following:

    Curcumin + Peperine and Boswellia, both in capsule form.

    Olives, Salmon, eggs, Broccoli, Walnuts, Onions and Garlic.

    All the above help my inflammation

    A deep tissue massaging gun on sore muscles and tendons

    A TENS machine

    CBD full spectrum capsules

    All those give me pain relief

    Then there's a host of gels and creams I smear on my knees every day

    I've severe bone on bone OA in both knees going in for the 1st of 2 full knee replacements but able to lead a pretty active life, aged 56 and last Monday I did a 18 mile hike up and back down Snowdon without any walking aids so there are alternative to prescribed meds which defo work.

    Hope some of this helps,


  • This is fab info Jon much appreciated I will definitely be trying them anything to give me relief and your right it was very frustrating getting through to this GP I had to tell her in the end This is my body that is going through this pain not yours and I should know my own body. I do wish you luck with your total knee replacements I had my left knee done in February gone as mine was exactly the same severe bone on bone it's the most awful sickening pain so I feel for you having two knees to suffer with but it seems you do lots to combat it good for you Take care and good luck :-)