Smooth muscle antibodies

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I wonder if anyone can help me with this. I’ve had several positive ANA antibody tests over the years, and previously positive smooth muscle antibodies too. Now my smooth muscle antibodies are positive again. I am seeing a rheumatologist in a couple of weeks, thank God, and my mind is spinning. It has been mooted several times before that I have either RA or Lupus, which, although not fun, I have made peace with in my head (if that makes sense). In many ways it would be a relief as my arthritis is progressing apace. What is worrying me is that Dr Google says that this antibody can mean autoimmune hepatitis. One doctor did suggest that I may have this, but no others. Another said I probably have a connective tissue disorder. Yet another one said that I have an additional autoimmune disease, as yet unknown. I am so scared of what the future may hold. Does anyone have personal experience of these particular blood results?

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    Hi @Miranda sorry no direct ezperience but wondering if you have heard anymore?

  • Miranda
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    Hi Loggiemod, no progress thus far, but looking forward to seeing the doctor in two weeks. What I don’t understand is what the positive autoantibodies mean, in and of themselves? Does that mean that an autoimmune process is potentially taking place? I am aware that patients can have false positives due to viral or bacterial infections, but I haven’t had any of those for yonks. I have several pre-existing autoimmune conditions, but none of the diagnosed ones would explain this. I guess I will have to wait until I get an opinion from the rheumatologist.

    Hope you are well yourself, and thanks very much for your reply! 😊

    All good wishes to you and the rest of the online community.

    Miranda x