Atrial fibrillation and hip replacement surgery

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Hi. I was scheduled to have my second hip replaced this week, the surgery on the other one having gone well 9 months ago. However, this time I went into atrial fibrillation after they gave me the spinal anaethetic: erratic and very high heart rate, combined with very low blood pressure. The operation was abandoned and I am now facing heart tests, despite having no previous identified heart problem. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if so, how this proceeded. Could the operation ever go ahead safely?


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    Hi @Hippychic

    Welcome to the Community - we are a friendly supportive group.

    Your recent hip replacement has been cancelled due to concerns occurring during the anaesthetic. The important thing is that they are making sure you are safe and checking you for any heart problems.

    Hopefully some of our members can pop along if they have experienced this.

    Do keep us posted how you get on and hopefully you'll be having the surgery very soon.

    Best wishes

    Louisa (mod)

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