Just a few days now until my hip replacement

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I joined a few months ago and have been reading and trying to understand what will be ahead for me and I thank you all for your helpful posts. I feel I know much more now, and am hoping I can pay back a little too.

It's now around four years since I first went to physio to sort out what I thought was a running injury. I'd always been active and walked a lot, averaging 12-13,000 steps a day and running had been fairly new. Since then I've seen a chiropractor, my GP, and been referred to the Escape Pain course but nothing has really worked and the pain and lack of mobility became much worse. I was told a total hip replacement was the only option, so was put on the list and now I've just over a week to go.

I must admit I feel as though I've aged 20 years over the last two or three, hobbling around with a stick and can only manage the priorities. I try to exercise properly but have realised any amount of walking only makes the pain and immobility worse. Exercises have been difficult, enough is good, to slightly overdo it isn't. But finding the right balance is hard. I do realise many have it all much worse though so am grateful. Although I know it is major surgery but is common and usually successful, I suppose it is normal to worry.

Thank you for all the useful information you have all shared, I really appreciate it all.


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    Hi @Janlyn

    Welcome to the Community, its great that you have decided to post 😊

    Really pleased you have found the community helpful to read posts and learn from our other members.

    All the best for the hip surgery, I've shared this in case there is some useful info for pre and post surgery:-

    Best wishes

    Louisa (mod)

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    Hello Louisa, I’ll have a good read. I appreciate the links, thank you, Janet

  • Good luck Janlyn for your forthcoming hip replacement. I had mine back in July and the difference it has made is unreal. I was petrified to the extent of nearly pulling out of it, what a mistake that would have been. To be pain free is enough for me let alone being able to walk! I opted for a spinal injection and found recovery was so much easier than what had previously been going through my mind. Exercises are vital and no rule breaking make for a smoother ride. Believe it or not I even had fun in hospital....I wish you every success. Keep us updated - Trish

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    Thank you so much, Trish, this is just what I needed to read. I know I don’t have an option as my pain and lack of mobility have become very difficult to live with. But much as I’m counting the days down I am terrified of what is to come, and to read about you being pain free and walking is brilliant, especially as it is not so long since July.

    Spinal injections sound amazing. I’ll definitely do my exercises and I had intended to really step them up before surgery but just now it’s too painful. I’m hoping by Spring I’ll be able to move a little faster and further and get a bit of my old life back.

    I’ve been thinking too much of what might go wrong but my aim now is to try to have fun in hospital and keep my spirits up.

    And yes, I’ll keep you updated, thanks again, Janet

  • I hear you Janet, that was me, I was worried about this, worried about that, my list of cons went on forever. I appreciate we are not all the same, but my experience was completely the opposite to the nightmare I had going through my head. Pleased to say that my fear turned to interest once I entered the operating theatre, as weird as that sounds. A spinal injection and a bit of sedation, then I knew nothing. Next thing I'm in the recovery ward feeling marvellous and wide awake as I had not been put out. Once they put me back on the ward I even fancied a gin and tonic I felt so good and no pain. Obviously pain killers were provided to keep it at bay and probably added to my euphoria. As you say July is not that long ago so I too am finding it hard to believe the difference. Example, I have literally just come off the Wii Fit having a bit of fun and fitness. Before operation I couldn't even walk to the console without being in excruciating pain and holding onto every bit of furniture to get there. Hoping you too will soon be pain free and walking. Get yourself a grabber they are a precious item post hip ops. Good luck xx

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    Thank you again, Trish, I'm definitely feeling more reassured. And I do need a grabber, almost everything I touch ends up on the floor, I'm so badly co-ordinated. I got a sock-helper yesterday and I couldn't believe how easy it was to get a sock on my left foot this morning. I'm feeling ready to live again, and reading how you felt on returning to the ward is so uplifting. I daren't think it will all go so well for me but I'm ready to hope for the best!

    Ooh that's me now, holding on to every bit of furniture to get across the room. And getting up for the bathroom in the middle of the night is major, and so painful. I'm going to dare to hope I'll be able to walk around properly again soon and that painkillers may be in my past.

    If I can walk again after surgery I will never again take it all for granted.

    Thank you so much for giving me hope, Janet, x

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    Had a bit of a surprise and disappointment yesterday when an anaesthetist called to ask some questions. All seemed to be going well until he said that my blood levels showed I was borderline anaemic and he wasn't happy to continue on Monday as the surgery would be less safe than if they could boost my iron levels and that my recovery would be easier and better with a good iron level.

    He then went on to talk to my consultant who called me and said that it may be possible to continue as I was borderline and that as I was relatively fit and healthy he would check with the anaesthetist who would be at my op to see if she was happy to go ahead. He came back to say she wasn't so they will let me know what plan they have for me on Monday. They started me with iron tablets and said they will take a minimum of two weeks, maybe four to six to make a difference so it seems I will be hobbling around the furniture for a little while longer.

    I thought it was worth mentioning as anyone waiting for a date might find it useful to get their levels checked in advance and treatment started - it's honestly something I hadn't even thought of.

    Best wishes, Janet

  • Ahh Janet, so sorry to hear this. Good though, as it shows you're in a good anaesthetist hands, you want to be at your best for your operation. Hang on in there, hoping that their plan works out well for you. Push your operation date forward in your mind, build that iron up and practice some of your after op exercises if able, rooting for you, Trish xx

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    Thank you, Trish, I agree it’s sensible to be in the best place possible for my surgery so I am grateful. And yes, time to get more practice with the exercises pre-op.

    I’m kicking myself as in my old blood-donating days I was almost always told I was borderline anaemic and I’d completely forgotten. But then I’m not sure I would have thought of it in relation to this. Just thought it worth mentioning in case anyone waiting for a date might be in the same position and can get checked and sorted in time for surgery.

    Janet, x

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    That's interesting. I was due to have my right hip replaced back in February but my pre op assessment showed I have heart failure (left branch bundle block). Surgery postponed. I was put on medication immediately and told I needed a pacemaker. This was implanted in June (CRT-P). Now waiting for new date ☹️ - life on hold. Had a phone consultation with heart nurse 2 weeks ago mentioned I was feeling tired, was this due to meds? She said could be iron deficiency and it will be checked at next blood test (in a month's time). If that is the cause good to get it sorted before the op!

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    Hi Rushy,

    I'm so sorry to hear you not only had your hip replacement postponed but that you were found to have heart failure and need a pacemaker. It must have been an awful time for you but I'm glad you've got your pacemaker. I hope it's helping, although I can understand you are feeling tired. I imagine it could be your medication that is causing the tiredness but well worthwhile getting your bloods checked so you know they're okay for when you get a new date for your hip.

    I have now been given a new date of 16 December and as I felt I had been limping along and struggling to get to today it's a disappointment, but I understand the reasoning. I have asked for any cancellations at all so I'm going to keep myself ready and hope for the best. But I need my bloods to be in the right place before they will even consider a cancellation so it's going to be a few weeks at best.

    Take care and all the best, Janet