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Hello folks, I’ve joined because I’m at a dead end, I have cervical spondylosis in the neck area and had titanium rods and man made vertebrae fitted to my lower spine, I have always been active in the past but over the last 5yrs or so I have become less so due to worsening problems, my legs go numb and give way after just walking a few hundred steps and is really worrying me now, the hospital have said that because of the area it is in on my neck an operation would be very risky and advise against it but , if I want them to do it they will, and, in my lower back metalwork they say that one of the screws is coming loose and would be dangerous to try and screw it back in as it could cause problems with the central nervous system, to add insult to injury, I applied for a blue badge to help with parking and have been turned down by them saying that because I said that I can walk round a supermarket or shopping centre (with the help of a shopping trolly or walking stick) I don’t qualify, I did ask my local MP AND MSP to assist in the matter but they had no luck either, so, going forward it looks like I will just get more and more housebound as the years go on. Sorry for the long post but just needed to vent my frustration.


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    Hello @Hotpotfm

    A very warm welcome to the online community. I am sure you will find everyone here very supportive.

    Yours was a long and complicated post to read, but I think I understand just what you are up against.

    It does sound as though you are in a difficult position and have a good medical team behind you. , At this point though their advice is not to try surgery until the benefits outweigh any risks. I have read other people's posts on here over the years when they have been in similar positions, (you can pop Neck surgery/back surgery into the search at the top to read them), some have gone on to have successful surgeries in time.

    In the meantime what can you do? You say do not want to get more housebound so I wonder have you considered upgrading your walking aids from a stick? It might be an idea to discuss your mobility with a physiotherapist? It sounds very alarming to suddenly lose feeling in your legs.

    I am attaching a link which will very much seem like I am trying to teach my Grandmother to suck eggs, (sorry!) but there is a section about balance which is going to be essential for someone who can lose feeling like you do.

    Finally I don't know whether you'd be interested in maybe joining one of our groups in your area? This can really help with isolation:

    I'll leave you now to meet our members.

    Best wishes


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    You are no longer alone @Hotpotfm you have found us lot. Everyone here understands and will support you.

    You can reapply for the badge in the future and possibly look at how you fill in the forum next time. It does feel as though they are almost that way to catch us out.

    It has to do very much with how far you can walk with or without walking aids. 50m I think. The only thing that I've never understood is how most accessible wheelchair spaces are much further away than that!

    Is it worth getting help for citizen's advice next time you apply?

    Take care

    Toni x