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Hi I have arthritis in my shoulder neck arm hip, I am attending the physio who has given me excersise to do, after doing them on Sunday I have been in agony , I Don't know if I should keep doing them


  • Hi @Sullivan1234_strang

    Thanks for your post to the Helpline. I'm sorry to hear about your ongoing pain. I don't know what type of arthritis you are affected by, whether it's Osteoarthritis (OA) or another type (you can look up your diagnosis in our Conditions search, and there you can find guidance on the joints affected e.g OA hip, knee etc).

    I'm not sure which part of the body is hurting, and you will need to speak to the physiotherapist and get their advice. Hopefully they can modify the suggestions and you may need to be examined.

    I'm attaching some links, but speak to a healthcare professional.

    Arthritis | Causes, symptoms, treatment | Versus Arthritis

    Exercises for healthy joints | Back, neck, knee and foot exercises (

    Eating well with arthritis | healthy eating for people with arthritis (

    If you'd like a chat, do ring us on 0800 5200 520.

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  • Nanna8
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    Hi,I have arthritis in my knees and fingers and I suffered severe pain doing the exercises I was given physio was not really helpful when I went back to see him so I signed up with Move with Leon on versus arthritis and I found this to be easier to do. Hope you feel better soon

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    Hello @Sullivan1234_strang,

    What you've described is a common problem for those of us embarking on Physio and exercise for the first time - ultimately it's the strengthening of the tissues and tendons around our affected joints which is key to them being able to cope with the extra workload weakened joints put on them but to get there is difficult when it hurts so much!

    My advice FWIW would be to break the physio into chunks and do little and often, so if you have 20 repetitions, do 10 and the other 10 later on for example. Leave the most painful ones to last and if you have stretches to do, do these at the start and at the end so you warm up, warm down so to speak.

    Secondly - really important is decent pain management via prescribed meds, supplements, aids and alternative therapies such as Acupuncture and Tai Chi for example. It will take some experimentation to nail it but I believe the physio and pain management are the 2 core foundations for improving quality of life, it certainly has for me but success won't come overnight.

    Hope some of this helps,


  • Hi @Nanna8

    Thank you for posting on our Online Community, we are sorry to hear that you have arthritis in your fingers and knees, being in pain can be very challenging at times.

    Sorry to hear that the physiotherapy didn't work for you but so pleased the Move with Leon helped you. Other ways of managing the condition would be the use of heat and ice treatment, heat can be in a form of a hot water bottle, wheat pack, having a warm shower or placing your hands in warm water. Ice can help with pain and swelling so that can be a bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a damp tea-towel.  

    Also speak to your GP about a referral either to see a hand therapist or to a pain management clinic where you will get access to various specialist that can help you to manage your condition.

    Best wishes


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