Undergoing RA tests

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Hi everyone.

im new to the forum and hoping to gain some friends and some understanding on what I am going through. I’m female 46 and for about a year I’ve had on of pain redness and stiffness in some finger joints. Had X-ray told nothing is wrong. Fast forward to several months ago and I’ve had pain in all fingers and wrists and now my feet especially the big toe joint in both feet but especially the right. Had blood test showing inflammation marker of 12. I have other symptoms such as hair falling out and my nails on my hands have recently become ridged and pitted and struggle to grow, extreme fatigue and sleep problems. I do not have redness in my joints and my GP is quite flippant, stating I’m just tired due to modern life! Obviously I don’t ‘want’ RA but I have googled the entire web looking for other possibilities but cannot find anything!

hope someone can suggest any help or guidance x