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Hi, only my second visit, but I want to know if anyone suffers from brain fog, or reads something that they can't digest and have to read a few times?

I was recently diagnosed, but the shock comes from the lack of explanation as much as anything else. 'you have osteoarthritis of the knee' without any suggestion of what would happen to me in the next few weeks, was awful. I spoke to a physiotherapist over the phone and have not been able to contact them since. I fall between days of 'I must do something about this' to 'being too tired trying to manage this'. I'm doing ok today, as my swelling has almost gone, although I feel the last part may be damaged too far to completely shrink back to normal. Again, is this usual?

Thank you, if you've got this far. I hope the day is going to be kind to everyone. Any responses are really appreciated.


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    I can honestly say I've never had brain fog though (a)others write of it and (b)my brain is certainly not what it used to be. Reading things over and over? It depends. A page in a novel? No problem. Quantum physics? I once bought myself 'My First Book of Q. P.' in an effort to understand. Lots of pictures. Still no joy!

    Clearly your diagnosis was a shock and maybe your poor head is just struggling to process it. After many years of arthritis I'd say eat and exercise sensibly, listen to what your body is saying and don't overdo things, don't smoke and try to distract yourself from the pain.

    Will things 'return to normal'? Maybe. For now, at least. But try not to worry. There is life, and good life, after diagnosis. Much is up to us. Good luck.

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