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I have this week been diagnosed with Arthritis, mainly in Left Hip but also in Right. I am a keen walker and yesterday did a 10 mile walk with a friend, felt stiff afterwards and this morning.

I have a booked Long Distance Trek called the W Trek in Patagonia in January 2024, one that I have wanted to do for some time so very much looking forward to doing it. However, it is 46 miles across 4 days and some of it is fairly strenuous and so am just wondering if anyone with Arthritis has done something similar and has any recommendations / tips for how to handle this.

Any advice really appreciated.


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    Hello @ActiveEM and welcome to our friendly and supportive Community. I hope that will be your experience as well.

    @jonr has done some long walks I think so maybe can offer some advice regarding your long trek. I do hope that you get to go as it is something you are looking forward to. Have you discussed this with your GP or a physio? Have a look at the following from our website as well.


    Please let us know how you get on and would love to see some pictures of your Patagonia Trek

    Best wishes


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    Thanks for the intro @noddingtonpete and welcome @ActiveEM,

    I was diagnosed with OA in both knees 18 months ago and currently awaiting a double knee replacement. As Peter said, I am a keen walker - mountain hiking is my thing, most recently an 18 mile round hike and and down Snowdon 3 weeks ago as part of my training for the 3 Peaks.

    The trip you're planning is perfectly doable I think with some preparation:

    1: Become friends with your local gym which has some great kit in the weights room to help develop calves, quads and glutes which will be under strain from your weakened joints.

    2: I've got a pair of Swiss Walking Poles which I've not needed yet but these will not only help get you up and down and technical stretches but you'll look like a pro hiker to boot

    3: Take regular breaks, not so easy if you're with a party but "listen" to your body. Arthritis is unpredictable and can cause the most random of symptoms.

    4: Warm up properly with stretches before you set off and warm down thoroughly at the end.

    5: You will be super-stiff when you 1st wake up the day after a long walk - I use a deep tissue massaging gun to soothe muscles and tendons. I apply Red Tiger Balm, FlexiSeq gel and 5KIND Hemp gel before getting dressed. At the end of a day's walk, a really hot shower or bath will stave off stiffness. Ice cold compresses like ice packs wrapped in a tea towel will help relieve inflammation. I'd also recommend you invest in a TENS machine which is a portable battery-run device which give electric shock therapy. It's dead clever how it cancels out the signals that tells your brain you're in pain so if you overdo it, 30 minutes with one of these works a treat for instant pain relief.

    These are all generals bits and bobs, there's a lot more to managing your condition on a daily basis but I've noted the things I do when tackling anything like a long walk/hike or bike ride, etc.

    Hope these help,


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    It may be worth seeing if there are any private/sports physios who understand arthritis who can give you a set of exercises to do to help strengthen the various joints beforehand