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Hi I just wanted to put a thread out of the use of Boron for arthritis, how I found out about Boron was pure chance, I advertised sone items of free cycle a fair few years ago now a chap from Abingdon turned up to collect said advertised items his name is Tony and I was just chatting to him and mentioned I had very bad arthritis in both knees and Tony replied he has arthritis in his back and he used to play guitar but hadn't been able to for a fair while but was now able to do so again and he said it was because he'd started taking Boron as a supplement he then went into the history of Boron and arthritis pain which was very interesting if not a tad convoluted.

Now I'm no fool so I wasn't going to take what he said at face value as there are so many different quack cures on the web claiming to help or even cure arthritis, and after all I didn't know who he was however I have a very good memory so when he left I started to do some research on line and it corroborated what he told me, the history of how Boron ended up as a treatment for arthritis is a very interesting one its worth looking up the Boron conspiracy, I also remember Tony told me it doest work for everyone and if it was going to help me it would take a few weeks of taking it before I would notice if it was actually helping or not and if not then there was no point in taking it.

Anyway once my research confirmed he wasn't stringing me a line I deiced to try it I initially bought my Boron supplement from Holland and Barrett but you can also find it on Amazon, anyway I started taking 2x3mg per day and after a few weeks I did notice some improvement in my knees and it's been that way ever since in fact I should have had both knees replaced by now but so far my knee arthritis has got no worse I'd say its exactly the same as it was the day I started to take it, mind you there are limitations I have very bad arthritis in my neck but it has done nothing for that but the knees defiantly benefited from it, one word of advice though is if you do notice the pain has decreased don't go silly and start pushing things as I found I relapsed when I did so now I take care how much walking I do but so long as I don't go silly things are really no worse than they were since I met Tony in 2014.


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    Hello @Mellman and welcome back. If you search on Boron you will find a few conversations about it and I am glad it is doing you some good. As you rightly say it may not work for everyone but it is great if it does.

    Now you are back please keep posting and let us know how it is going.

    Best wishes


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    Welcome back @Mellman

    Good to see your name. I am very pleased to see how well you are and long may it continue😊

    This is a search I did on the subject of Boron:

    Your name comes up a fair bit.

    Best wishes


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