Advice - Steroid injection

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Hi all

This is my first time on this site. I have osteoarthritis and live in constant fear that if I bend over in a certain way my back will go out, and if it does, I am left for a number of days lying in bed. Recently I was prescribed a 2 Cortizone injections into the L4 L5 facet joint. I have had a horrible reaction to the steroids which has caused anxiety and muscle weakness. Is there anyone else who has had the same experience and if so, how long did these feelings last?

My doctor has said that the cortisone has a short half life and shouldn’t take long. We had planned a trip to Japan, which was the reason I decided to go ahead with the injections so that I wouldn’t need to worry about my back. The last time we went on holiday, i bent down and the pain was horrific and i ended up in bed for 5 days which we couldn’t risk. I have reacted previously prednisone, however, had thought different . Can anyone else share the story as to whether this has happened to them thank you. If they could please be stories where things improved that would be wonderful.