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Hi I'm Janice and i live with Osteoarthritis and have done for many years. I do my damndest to keep going but some days i just feel like giving in. 24/7 pain is hard to tackle i know I'm not the only one. I just didn't expect to be old at 72 and to be written off by doctors to whom you are just a nuisance. I'm active and an artist with many friends and a social life so I'm not ready for my armchair just yet.


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    Hello @UJH and welcome to the online community,

    I think you've written what so many of us feel in the community - good days, bad days, doing our best to keep on keeping on!

    Since you've been living with osteoarthritis for many years, you've probably gained quite a bit of knowledge about your condition and how to cope with it. Of course that doesn't mean that sometimes you can feel very frustrated and other times you would like a bit more information. Do have a look round the forum and join in any of the conversations that feel comfortable with. I'm sure members will welcome your input and also answer any questions you may have.

    We have a forum about sports and hobbies - perhaps you'd like to post something about the sort of art you're involved with on there?


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    Good for you Janice, keeping going when you’re in pain is one of the most difficult things about all this. But don’t forget you’re allowed to not keep going for a bit. Sometimes just sitting down with a hot wheat bag, a good book and something nice to eat is all you should be doing.

    Interesting that you’re an artist - I love visiting galleries old and new and I wish I had some talent but it’s evaded me. What sort of art do you do?

    Rina 😊